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Programs and activities like these have a profound effect on everyone, but in particular, it strengthens support networks for otherwise socially isolated young people. In addition, some of the activities are a vehicle to help uncover serious problems and identify where intervention is needed.

Programs & Resources


Emotional literacy, positive behavior development, and interpersonal activities are crucial to developing a foundation for self-awareness.

Customer Reviews

The one phrase that comes to mind when I think about Smile Inside is “meaningful engagement”.

This work simplifies the process of encouraging prosocial behaviors and emotional intelligence at every stage of their growth. Activities are age-appropriate, and the content showed a deep understanding of childhood development, and various modalities of behavior reinforcement.

JaDonnia Bishop, M.Ed., CFLE

Family & Educational Consultant, Founder of Parent Coordinator Alliance Network

The children were highly motivated to implement their new skills and have since referred to and used the strategies they were taught on several occasions. 

Barbara Jemmett

Teacher, Grades 5 & 6

The CODE Book is simple and effective, and I’ll definitely use it again!

 The child I was working with needed help to develop social interaction and also to be able to follow daily classroom activities. I found that the implementation of the CODE book helped to achieve this. He was able to visually see his progress and enjoyed placing a sticker in the book when he achieved his goal.


Education Support

The Teachers Pay Teachers Digital Products made for an awesome unit for my classes!

I did each lesson with my 4th and 5th graders. They had fun and it gave us some common language around focusing, active listening, and self control.

Missy Maxson

Teacher, Grades 4 and 5

Teachers Pay Teachers – Great for teaching coping skills!

This product was great for younger kids who struggle with coping, anxiety, and stress for all types of reasons. It’s very concrete and really helps to break things down for them and provide strategies for immediate use.

Christine Quinn


Programs & Resources


These practical activities engage individuals in a conscious journey where they are challenged to become self-aware, empathic, and resilient.

Customer Reviews

I highly recommend Smile Inside’s programs, especially when dealing with children who have special needs. 

My son had difficulties with self confidence, self-esteem, security within his environment and difficulty coping with life in general. He became involved with the program of ‘Self Discovery’ and through this has become a totally different person.  He now has high self-esteem and confidence and is happy and healthy. He has a girlfriend, is outgoing, and will communicate with us openly about all aspects of his life.

I believe all children would benefit from these wonderful programs as all children need more self-confidence and self-esteem to help them cope with an imperfect world.

Kerry Bailey


I used the activity handbooks for my Girls on the Run program and it fit perfectly with our Self-Talk unit!

Christine Torres

Teacher (2nd Grade) and Girls on the Run Mentor

These interactive activities were great for my class of middle school special needs students. I was able to adapt it and the language to fit our unit on respect and bullying perfectly.

Monroe S P.

Teacher, Middle School

These are great activities to use with my middle school advisory class!

Julie K.


This works great for any school that utilizes a PBIS-type behavior program.

Stephen S.


These activities helped me gain perspective and self-confidence.

I’ve learned that I make a big deal out of some things and that if I don’t fit in with everyone, it’s ok. I’ve learned that believing in myself and what I think is more important than believing what others say.


Student, Age 13

Programs & Resources


Helping young people acquire a healthy self-concept and catering to their social and emotional needs is crucial to their personal growth, their capacity for learning, and their potential for happiness in their lives. Smile Inside activities explore relationships with themselves, others, and ultimately, how they relate to the world.

Customer Reviews

My students looked forward to each exercise in The Team Building Activity Handbook.

The Team Building Activity Handbook is very well organized and thought-out. The students enjoyed getting to know each other and learning how to solve problems. I felt it was very easy to follow and allowed room for flexibility if needed. The time suggested for each exercise was pretty accurate. 

My group really enjoyed the exercises and looked forward each week to the next exercise. They were a lot of fun and I really like how they progressed and build on each other. I do not know what we would have done if it were not for this program. 

Carolyn S. Mair

Freshmen Advisory Teacher

These handbooks helped our freshmen progress into a more functional and informed class.

The lessons and projects in the packets were so great for the needs of the first year of the Freshman Advisory. They helped the freshman in our eclectic community to more quickly and qualitatively correspond on tough issues.

Our community is socioeconomically broad. The necessity for a broad reach in creativity and expression was cultivated in every project. I enjoyed participating in the process of the materials and seeing the growth and understanding of kids grow and progress to a more functional, informed, more participatory freshman class. 

Ron E. White

Freshmen Advisory Teacher

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