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Using positive reinforcement, CODE Book™ links small successes in a child’s personal development with feelings of accomplishment. This educational resource is a tool for teachers and student support professionals in schools to assist children who would benefit from extra support. It can also be used by counselors or parents to explicitly teach children about positive behaviors.

How does CODE Book™ help children?

  • Increases self-awareness
  • Encourages personal responsibility
  • Advances positive behaviors
  • Prevents potential problems

CODE Book™ guides children in developing the skills, values, attitudes, and conduct that will benefit their relationships and futures.

What is included in CODE Book™?

  • Instructions and ideas for the four stages of CODE Book™: Can, Options, Do and Excellence.
  • A list of strengths that includes definitions and suggested affirmative statements for children in kindergarten to sixth grade.
  • A collection of CODE Books™ to choose from, which can be folded into booklets.

A child who is struggling with anxiety, social skills, appropriate behavior, or engagement needs to be reminded that he or she is capable. CODE Book™ uses positive reinforcement to educate and inspire children. It also increases their awareness of personal responsibility, strengthens their capacity for learning new skills and attitudes, and highlights their accomplishments on the way to success.


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